Onyx Coffee Lab Las Lajas SL-28 Natural
$ 27.00

Onyx Coffee Lab Las Lajas SL-28 Natural

Costa Rica Las Lajas SL-28 Natural

Story: This is our third coffee from Las Lajas, our favorite Costa Rican producer, this year. This special SL-28 lot is a traditionally Kenyan coffee varietal that was transplanted in Costa Rica. It maintain the bold, bright juiciness of a Kenyan but with the distinct flavor profiles of Costa Rica terroir, 

Roaster’s Notes: Cherry Jam - Yogurt - Cola - Raspberry

Our Take: This thing tastes like the best fruit parfait you've ever had. Everybody loves parfait. Parfaits may be the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet.

Roaster Background: Onyx Coffee Lab, based out of Arkansas, is widely known as the industry leader in transparent and ethical green coffee buying. They don’t operate on payment contracts; everything is paid for 50% up front and 50% when it lands. They freely share what they pay per pound green and what they internally score each coffee at. 

They’re also known for tacking on extra for producers doing good in their communities to help support those initiatives such as building schools and infrastructure.