Manhattan Coffee Roasters Panama Bonita Springs Natural
$ 28.00

Manhattan Coffee Roasters Panama Bonita Springs Natural

Story: Finca Bonita Springs is located just outside of Boquette and benefits from a unique micro-climate that gets tons of rain fall and humidity, cold Atlantic winds, warm Pacific winds and flowing water from all directions. These special conditions have led to a very special cup profile.

Roaster’s Notes: Sherry - Melon - White Chocolate

Our Take: Manhattan's notes are wild and spot on. You get a tart, white grape effervescence upfront, a juicy melon body and a sweet white chocolate finish.

Roaster Background: Manhattan Coffee Roasters is based in The Netherlands harbor city of Rotterdam. Run by long time coffee professionals and competitors Ben Morrow and Esther Maasdam.

The name Manhattan Coffee Roasters is inspired by the history of the harbor of Rotterdam. In particular the Holland America line that sailed from Rotterdam to New York. Rotterdam is situated next to the river Maas and being the only modern city with a gorgeous skyline in The Netherlands, it is locally named “Manhattan aan de Maas.”