Manhattan Coffee Roasters Colombia Diego Bermudez Thermal Shock Anaerobic
$ 30.00

Manhattan Coffee Roasters Colombia Diego Bermudez Thermal Shock Anaerobic

Story: Diego Bermudez is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and advanced coffee processors in the world.

He is one of the only producers that utilizes targeted micro-organisms to influence coffee during fermentation, rather than naturally occurring yeasts, akin to a wine-maker. 

This particular lot is placed in bio reactors rather than standard anaerobic fermentation tanks to allow for full monitoring and control over time, temperature, pH, and sugar content.

Roaster’s Notes: Turkish Delight - Raspberry - Lychee

Our Take: This is easily our favorite coffee of 2020. This coffee IS raspberry; the berry, the juice, the stem, the earth. It is a phenomenal coffee experience unlike anything we've tasted. This coffee is a perfect example of how more developed and researched processing techniques will lead to exceptional and unique flavor profiles.

Roaster Background: Manhattan Coffee Roasters is based in The Netherlands harbor city of Rotterdam. Run by long time coffee professionals and competitors Ben Morrow and Esther Maasdam.

The name Manhattan Coffee Roasters is inspired by the history of the harbor of Rotterdam. In particular the Holland America line that sailed from Rotterdam to New York. Rotterdam is situated next to the river Maas and being the only modern city with a gorgeous skyline in The Netherlands, it is locally named “Manhattan aan de Maas.”