Coffee Tasting
$ 25.00

Coffee Tasting

 An exploration of the understanding of taste and flavor through international coffee roasters and food pairings. By examining the modern processing of coffee via different levels of anaerobic fermentation we can taste and see how oxygen levels during coffee fermentation affect the final flavor profile of coffee. These heightened flavors found in anaerobically fermented coffee allow us to easily compare and contrast taste profiles with simple food pairings to highlight complementary and tertiary flavors in order to expand our perception and understanding of flavor.

Dates: 7.31 + 8.7 @ 2:30 - 3:30pm

Seats available: 5 per class


Bombe Washed - The Barn               

Bombe Anaerobic - The Barn            

Wush Wush (Low Oxygen) - Onyx           

Diego Bermudez Anaerobic - Manhattan   

Luna Bermudez Anaerobic - Manhattan